Tuesday, September 5, 2017

What's the difference between a digital and an analog antenna?

Nothing. There is no difference between a digital antenna and an analog antenna, except the name. Digital and analog TV signals use the same carrier frequencies, carrier modulation (digital or analog signal) does not effect antenna reception.


  1. Great maps.... like the wide range. Only complaint is I can directly see the actual Frequency. That would be a nice touch to the list. Thanks for this site. Will.

  2. Does OTA DTV website take into account obstructions
    between the Receive Antenna Location and the
    Transmitting Antenna location??
    Such as , Hills , Mountains , Valleys.
    And also display decrees in signal strength because
    of the obstructions.
    Tvfool for example shows the words ,
    1 or 2 obstructions with the 2 meaning
    2 or more obstructions.

  3. The Tower Locator displays ground elevations between the broadcast tower and home antenna. It also list the broadcast tower antenna elevation above Mean Sea Level (MSL). The home antenna receive power estimate does not account for elevations or obstructions.